Forensic Polygraph Examiner

Providing confidential expert forensic polygraph examinations for Attorneys, Judges, Arbitrators, and Counselors/Therapists.

Polygraph services include:

  • Assisting Defense Attorneys
  • Divorce Cases
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct Matters
  • Relationship Issues
  • Employment Related Matters

H. John Wojnaroski III has been a forensic polygraph examiner since 1979. He is also a retired Lieutenant of the Michigan State Police.

During his 25-year career with the Michigan State Police, he served 20 years as a forensic polygraph examiner. He provided forensic polygraph services on felony investigations for courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies throughout Michigan, primarily in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, Livingston and Monroe counties.

Mr. Wojnaroski has testified as a forensic polygraph expert in criminal and civil courts and arbitrations. He is “The” polygraph expert on:

People v. McKinney
137 Mi App 110
September 4, 1984

While with the Michigan State Police, Mr. Wojnaroski served in the ranks of Trooper, Sergeant and Lieutenant. His investigative duties included investigations of all major felony crimes – homicide, sexual assault, robbery, arson, narcotics, domestic violence, and theft. He was also a member of the Emergency Services Team (SWAT) where he served as a hostage negotiator.